Wine Cork Crafts

Not sure what to do with wine corks? In need of some crafty inspiration and ideas to make those leftover corks go to good use? Why not recycle?

Although using the corks from the bottles is an adults game, you can still get your kids involved in arts and crafts projects at home with these easy crafty projects which we have included also down below.

Plus, even if you don’t have leftover wine corks to upcycle, you can buy corks cheap (see our suggestions below). The perk of doing this is that buying recycled bulk corks doesn’t have the leftover wine smell and you can generally purchase them in cute designs that makes your craft projects look even better! See below for the materials you need!

Last Updated February 2017

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Popular Craft Ideas Using Left Over Wine Corks

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BONUS: How To Cut Your Wine Cork (Without Making a Mess or Breaking It!)

Materials You Need

For any craft project involving wine corks, you will need the following materials:

Tip: I sometimes use leftover wine corks, however, if they smell strongly like wine or have the dark residue from red wine, I prefer to buy bulk wine corks. There is so many cute designs that I prefer buying them. Another plus is that they are generally all the same size which makes each craft idea easier to do.

Best Selling Bulk Wine Corks:

Premium Recycled Corks: Available Here

Corks With Grape Design: Available Here

To View All Wine Corks, Click Here

Other Materials:

Blade: Available Here

Glue Gun (Under $10): Available Here

Craft Glue: Available Here

Non-Toxic Paint: Available Here

Jute Ribbon: Available Here

Jute With Lace: Available Here

Jute Twine: Available Here

Lace Trim: Available Here

Paper Craft Ribbon: Available Here

Silk Leaf: Available Here

Tip: Don’t forget to read below on how to cut the wine corks properly to avoid breaking and shredding them. The materials needed to cut the corks smoothly are included below also!

Coasters & Placements

Coasters are one of the simplest craft ideas and very popular in order to use all your left over (and sometimes plentiful) wine corks. They are very easy to do. All you need is a glue gun to glue them together and maybe some additional decorations or paint if you wish to make them fancy. Generally, plain wine cork coasters are very popular anyway without having to make them any more fancy.




Additionally, if you have lots of wine cords, you can make placements. These are handy and cheaper than buying commercial heat pads.


Cork Wreath

2nd up in popularity for DIY crafts is a wreath. Although you need lots of corks in order to make it, you can still start this project and make it an ongoing one until you have enough corks to finish.


One of the easiest projects and a personal favorite of ours is making candles (See Below TIP Also!). They are super easy and very handy around the home. We recently also gifted some of these to our friends at a dinner party, they absolutely loved them and thought that candles made from corks were excellent gift and craft idea to do.



TIP: You can actually use the wine cork itself as a candle to burn for hours itself. What you need to do is soak the cork in acetone for 1 week. After one week, place it in a glass and light it up. It will burn for hours saving you money and buying extra candles.



Cork Cheese Knives

Make your own cheese knives using this awesome idea. Cheese Spreaders are available for Purchase Here.


Cork Shower Mat

There is a no healthier way for a shower mat, not to mention super soft on your feet.


Home Decorations

Cute little pot plants made from none other than the leftovers from your wine bottles and use a magnetic backing to place on your refrigerator.








These cork boards are excellent to hang things to and are a super easy way to upcycle wine corks.






By using washi tapes, you can use these crafts with wine corks to make your own keychains and charms.


DIY Christmas Cork Decorations

And why not create some for Christmas? Here are some projects to get involved with your kids.








Craft Cork Fun for Kids

Make things fun for your kids with these cute little figurines or make home made stamps for kids the super easy way using all the leftovers! For more arts and craft fun for kids using wine corks, you can scroll through the ideas below. For more fun for kids, you can read our related article here.



 How to Cut Your Wine Cork

Simply, this is an excellent idea on how to cut your wine cork easily and without making a mess! If you don’t do this method, your corks will shred and break. Firstly, you need to boil them for 10 minutes with the lid. To cut them, place them inside a large clip and use a special nice to cut. See below for the materials you need:

Clip: Available Here

Blade: Available Here



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