Washi Tape Ideas

I can’t express to you all how much I adore Washi Tape. As you will see below, I can use it for everything and anything. If you lack inspiration for what to do with your washi tape or it’s the first you’ve heard of it, it’s time you buy some washi tape and enjoy exploring the creative side of this tape for anything you can imagine!

Before we delve into what you can do with washi tape….here is more information about it..

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Last Updated February 2017

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What is Washi Tape?

How Washi Tape Will Transform Your World!

What Do You Need To Do Washi Tape?

Easy, Cool & Creative Washi Tape Ideas

Most Popular Ways to Use Washi Tape

Washi Tape Craft Tutorials

BONUS: Must Have Washi Tape Accessories

BONUS: DIY Washi Tape Storage Ideas?

BONUS: What are Best Ways Store & Organize Your Washi Tapes?

What is Washi Tape?

If you don’t know what it is, you need to get onto this cute craft idea pronto. It’s cheap, easy to do and will transform your world! Washi tape is often confused for masking tape, but its not, which I will explain later! And it’s no ordinary tape! By its name, if you haven’t guessed it already, Washi tape originates from Japan and is made of natural fibers.

The reason it’s often confused for masking tape is because of it’s texture and feel. However, washi tape is superior in its quality as it’s strong, durable, versatile for anything and it has pretty designs – a definite crafters and DIY’ers delight, even experienced artists enjoy small craft projects such as this!

Materials You Need

All good craft projects involving washi tape require the following:

1.Washi Tape


To View All Washi Tape: Click Here

Decorative-Washi-Tape-1 Decorative-Washi-Tape-2
 Decorative-Washi-Tape-3  Decorative-Washi-Tape-4
 Decorative-Washi-Tape-5  Decorative-Washi-Tape-6
 Decorative-Washi-Tape-7  Decorative-Washi-Tape-8
 Decorative-Washi-Tape-9  Decorative-Washi-Tape-10
 Decorative-Washi-Tape-11  Decorative-Washi-Tape-12
 Decorative-Washi-Tape-13  Decorative-Washi-Tape-14
 Decorative-Washi-Tape-15  Decorative-Washi-Tape-16


2.Washi Tape Dispensers/Holders

View All Washi Tape Dispensers: Click Here

Washi Tape Dispenser: Click Here

Roll Tape Dispenser: Click Here

Washi Tape Display & Dispense: Click Here

For More Dispensers, Keep Reading Below

Washi Tape Ideas

So what can you do with washi tape? Here’s a few ideas (we will constantly add more, if you have any recent projects, feel free to submit them to us!)

Washi Tape Candles

Use this type of craft tape to decorate your rather ordinary candle lit holders to suit any decor, whether in the living room, bedroom or office. Click the images below to purchase or buy here: Black&White or Gold (Incs Free Bonus Roll!)




Washi Tape Phone Case


Washi Tape Keyboard

One of the trendiest things to do with it at the moment is to cover your keyboard. It gives you a way to personalize an object that comes rather standard and boring for everyone. Make it your own with your own favorite designs. Click the images below to purchase or buy here: MT05G002



Washi Tape Cord Organizer

Bring your cords to life, cover them to find them easily and distinguish them with everyone else’s cords in the house! Click the image below to purchase or buy here: WrapablesStriped


Get organized by making interesting some basic household items using this tape more interesting and useful to make you more organized. Click the image below to purchase or buy here: WrapablesBlack/White Dots


Washi Tape Stationary



Party Decorations


Around The Home

Washi tape is most famous for using on jars and bottles. Click the images below to purchase or buy here: MT05G003





You can combine upcycling wine corks with washi tape to create many cool projects such as this cork key chain, amoungst others.



Beauty & Makeup Accessories

Using this decorative tape on your make up brushes makes them stand out above everyone else’s but also makes them last longer. No more wear and tear on those handy little brushes that make all women feel beautiful. Click the image below to purchase or buy here: CraftyRabbitBlue



Washi Tape Nails



Scrapbooking Ideas & Crafts

In combination with cutting your own handwriting, you can use washi tape to decorate your scrapbooking items such as this:




Easter Washi Tape Ideas

Decorate anything for easter time – you can decorate eggs, labels and make anything you require. Click the images below to purchase or buy here: Collection



Christmas Washi Tape Ideas

Decorate your christmas decorations you wont have Christmas decorations like no-one else. Click the images below to purchase or buy here: Collection



Washi Tape DIY Projects


How To Store & Organize Your Washi Tape

Here are some great ideas on how to neatly store and organize your washi tape to ensure they are in close reach and are displayed so you can enjoy your collection. There are many options available including, washi tape dispenser wheels, washi tape storage boxes and storage cases aswell as DIY washi tape storage boxes.

Washi-Tape-Dispenser Washi-Tape-Dispenser-and-Storage Washi-Tape-Ideas-Projects-2

display-washi-tape  Washi-Tape-HOlder





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