How to Cut a Glass Bottle

For all of us that love a good glass of wine, we tend to be particular about the bottles we buy, so after all that careful consideration you took into buying the bottle, why would you have to toss it? There’s a better use for them by upcycling them with wine bottle crafts (also, don’t forget to upcycle the corks and use them for craft ideas too!). Beautiful creations can be made such as lamps, decorative vases, hurricanes, and so on, all from old wine bottles!

This craft idea is for Adults Only. For Craft Ideas for Kids, Click Here.

Last Updated February 2017

We Will Discuss:

What Materials Do You Need to Cut a Bottle?

Do You Need a Glass Bottle Cutter?

How to Cut a Glass Bottle?

BONUS: Cut Glass Bottle Craft Ideas [Upcycling]

Materials You Need

Before we discuss how to cut a glass bottle, you will need to know what tools you will need in order to do this.

Glass Resistant Gloves: Click Here

Bottle Cutter (Discussed Below)

Sandpaper: Click Here

Ensure you are using a proper table or craft table to ensure proper safety whilst cutting the bottle. You want the area to be clear of any other equipment.

Glass Bottle Cutter

The Creators Bottle Cutter or the Genround Bottle Cutters are the two most popular and most reliable to cut your wine or glass bottles. They are stable cutting devices that are brilliantly designed for this craft. The smoothness of each cut always fascinates me and both can deal with any size of wine bottles I’ve ever tried, and I’ve tried a huge variety. They are both very simple, elegant, convenient and efficient to use. Take your pick on which you prefer.


Cut Glass Craft Ideas

Here are some images to show you how far your creativity can take you with this craft idea.



Glass-Bottle-Crafts-3  Glass-Bottle-Crafts-5Glass-Bottle-Crafts-6  Glass-Bottle-Crafts-8Glass-Bottle-Crafts-9Glass-Bottle-Crafts-10Glass-Bottle-Crafts-11How-to-Cut-a-Glass-Bottle




How to Cut a Glass Bottle

Cutting a glass bottle is done when you’re trying to achieve something beautiful, there are many methods for cutting glass bottles but here’s how to make your own creation using a glass bottle cutter tool.

As you are dealing with glass and heat, safety is paramount. You need to make sure you are taking safety precautions.. This step-by-step tutorial includes boiling water and glass so it’s important to adhere to proper safety. It is extremely advised NOT to do this around children. Be careful for your safety.

Step 1

Place the bottle you wish to cut inside the machine and adjust the settings to the length at wish you want to cut the bottle. Ensure you are wearing appropriate cut resistant gloves (these are not ordinary gloves).

Step 2

Score the bottle. Scoring means ‘cut’ the bottle. Using the machine, this is where you create the line that the bottle will break off at. The aim is to get a perfect line around the bottle, but you don’t have to pressure yourself too much to get it as the machine should assist you in doing so. Don’t be too aggressive. You need patience and to rotate the bottle slowly. Repeat approximately 3-4 times.

Step 3

Heat the bottle. Some people use a burner, candle or torch to heat the score line of the bottle. I recommend using boiling hot water and pouring it over the bottle. After doing so, immediately pour cold water over the same score line. This difference in temperature pressures the bottle to break along the score line. Ensure you keep your distance and be careful using boiling water. Ensure you wear gloves. Ensure children are NOT around when doing this.

Step 4

Repeat the process. The bottle will probably need more than a single round of heating and cooling in order to break off cleanly. Simply repeat the process of heating the bottle and cooling it until it snaps off.

Step 5

Sand the edges. Use a rough square of sandpaper to clean off the edges of the glass. As you remove any sharp points, alternate to finer grit sandpaper. Do this as soon as it is finished. Ensure you are wearing gloves the entire process as you are dealing with glass.

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