Heat Press Machines for T-Shirt Printing, Mugs and More

Being in the business of printing has brought me into the habit of constantly searching for the best products for sale. Not only the best, but I’ve always been looking out for what will last the longest and do the best job continuously.

Some people can end up spending quite a lot of money, but its another thing to be smart with your money. The products below are the best quality, durable and affordable. No need to waste any more time looking.

For those interested in a machine, I have recently updated this article for an additional products for mugs which I have recently used. Refer to the end of the article.

1. PowerPress

PowerPressWhenever I see a product with the best seller tag on it, I get skeptical because I tend to over except on almost irrational levels and fail to appreciate the product when I eventually do acquire it, regardless of whether it is actually good or not.

Luckily for me, I did not have this experience with this product (available for purchase here) as it totally lived up to my expectations and more.

The heating is perfectly controlled in this product (it heats up within five minutes to about 320 degrees), changes and adjustments are easy to make, shirts are held down and locked in place, and the timer is brilliant, an exceptional product for anyone looking for quality.

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Promoheat2. PromoHeat

A cheaper product is supposed to be of cheaper quality, but this isn’t so with this one (available for purchase here).

It gets the job done efficiently and brilliantly, plus it’s very easy to use.

I’d recommend this for anyone trying to save thousands of dollars but still get top quality work done.

It helped me save my business from going under in a time of limited funds, there was no other way for me to get it done and I do not regret purchasing this, it really is a life saver!

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3. Gecko

Gecko-t-shirt-printingI have a younger sister that loves making her own shirts at home for fun and so I chose to support her hobbies by buying her this product (available for purchase here) .

I love how reliable it’s been for her and how it was exactly what I had seen in the specifications prior to buying it.

She turned her hobby into a small business and has made quite some cash over the last few months and I’ve been there to help her as it was very easy to learn how to use even for me with no particular experience in anything shirt related.

It really is an amazing product, I mean if it made my sister’s dreams come true, why not yours? It’s a lovely gecko product.

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4. Printer / All in One

heat-press-machineThis product (available for purchase here) has a 4.8 star out of 5 for a reason, a reason I was curious to find out and subsequently did find out immediately after my purchase, and I’ve continued to see this value for the last few months.

I have not regretted it at all and I’d love to purchase one for my neighbors as a gift but obviously can’t because of the price tag but they love mine so much they keep renting it out.

I’d recommend they get their own but then I’ll miss out on their faces when they realize they are new owners of such an exceptional machine..

Its most amazing feature is really hard to distinguish as it can do everything from mugs to plates to phone cases and all very well, it’s almost daring me to try more experiments with it because it’s never let me down so far! A great product!

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For Mugs

Mug-PressAswell as t-shirts and using a product for years, I have been in the coffee mug business for many years also, resorting to make shift methods to make it as I tried to save up money for a proper machine and when I finally got the money, I invested in this one.

My income has actually increased since I got it along with my output and quality of products. The heating element is efficient, heats very well and accommodates all my designs.

It also has great longevity as I’ve kept going and the quality has not been compromised in the long run. It is also very user friendly and you can easily guess how to use it and the installation process is very simple, so there’s really nothing to discourage anyone from buying this product.

I strongly recommend it for this great price! An amazing machine.

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