Duct Tape Craft Projects and Ideas

You must have come across the adage: “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”before. Whilst we spend huge amount of money in the search of the mind-boggling, we ignore the fact that beauty could lurk in the most trivial things. Puny stuff like even a duct tape can hold the fort for being a magnificent item that could blow your minds and craft ideas away.

This is the new fad doing the rounds today (as with a few others which have talked about on our site recently, see below for some other crafty fads floating around!) in the arts and crafts world. Objects that you can make with mere tape aren’t confined to just one area. You can throw your creativity at a plethora of possibilities and come up with unseen items and unique designs, all from this stuff!

Last Updated February 2017

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Duct Tape Craft Project and Ideas

Delve in the world of beautiful crafts that are going to leave you awestruck:

NFL Team Logo

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If you are a Seahawks fan, this tape will come in handy. Give your favorite object a makeover with the NFL team logo. The blue adhesive is strong when it comes to delivering results.

Animal Print

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These colors are just perfect for beginners and good value!


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A great investment if you are looking forward to weave art at home. Create gorgeous dresses with your favorite color combinations and make the world jealous of your new outfit. Believe it or not, these are actually so popular right now, weird I know!


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The designer tape is ideal for bringing style to the inanimate. Simply wrap it up on your favorite desired object in question and you will not regret using it for art.

Duck Tape

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Indulge in gorgeous colors by the renowned brand and embellish your art further with brilliant fun patterns. You could make top-notch wallets or bring other  ideas to fruition by using patterned one.

Just for laughs

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Absolute fun with color coding whilst making great easy crafts using it.


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Blend in and disappear with the exquisite camouflage type that will help you give wings to your creativity.


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Buy a wood grain style to avail of that wooden look and feel on your precious objects. I mean – how cool does this look (not to mention, offering complete protection too!)


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Use the glitter type to bring effulgence to inanimate items in your life.


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So many cool designs and creations can be made with this pink one that it is hard to zero in on one.

Polka dot

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Wrap up the polka dot to make your object sizzle in pizzazz.


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Avail of holographic and prismatic effect via dazzling prism types.

Creating Outstanding Projects with These Easy DIY Tutorials

Using these products to create stuff is just awesome for both adults and children alike.

Easy-to-make projects for kids can instill creativity into your child at an early stage.

How to Make a Wallet

In order to make a wallet you need to follow the following steps:

  1. Chip out a cool strip and place it with its sticky side up on a flat surface.
  2. Cut a second one of equal length and place it sticky side down covering half of the first.
  3. Fold the sticky side of the first over the second.
  4. Flip them over to place a third strip sticky side down to cover sticky part of second strip.
  5. Continue the process of sticking and extending the width until it is 7 inches.
  6. Then fold the last sticky edge over to make a rectangle.
  7. Eventually fold the rectangle in half and tape its two sides to create a large pocket.


Creating a flower is easy.

  1. Cut a square shaped piece.
  2. Fold its right corner down toward the bottom left leaving about a quarter inch to the sticky side.
  3. Fold the left corner down flush with the other.
  4. It takes up the form of a petal. Make seven others.
  5. Keep wrapping these petals around a stick with their pointy sides up so as to give a rose like appearance.
  6. Cover the rest of the stick with a different colored tape preferable green.


This can be made by making fabric panels and overlapping strips. Come up with a pattern and keep adding strips to give a complete dress like appearance.


A bow can be made by taking out two strips, folding them in half, cutting a notch and folding the center in accordion style. You can use a bobby pin to rivet it.


Take two lengths of tape and fasten their ends with another tape or Velcro.


Get a fabric for your bag. Tape the insides of it. Create a bag handle and take it out. Remove excess tape.

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