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A Peek into the Majestic World of Decoupage

There is beauty in everything. It is an artist’s privilege to seek it in inanimate things. So, if you have eyes of an artist and a knack for decorating, why not try découpage?

Last Updated February 2017

What Is Decoupage Exactly?

Decoupage is the art of embellishing objects with the aid of glued cut-outs, and then varnishing them to make them look like a painting or an inlay. It is a new craft fad (aswell as this new craft idea here). People are talking about it and going loco over it; you certainly don’t want to be left behind. Don’t worry! We will help you out with the basics and teach you how to do it in no time!

Before rushing out and buying any glue or paper, you need to buy the right materials and do it the right way.

We Will Discuss:

What Can You Do Decoupage On?

Decoupage Ideas & Inspiration

What is the Best (& Only) Paper Used for Decoupage

What is the Best (& Only) Glue Used for Decoupage

What Else Do You Need?

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BONUS: How to Do Decoupage – Step By Step Tutorial




Decoupage Ideas & Inspiration

Lacking creativity or not sure what to try doing decoupage on? Refer below for some great ideas to make decoupage easy for you! In order for you to be able to do these, keep reading for the materials that you need to buy (normal glue and paper won’t do!), instructions and an easy beginner tutorial…








How do you do Decoupage? We will give a tutorial about this later, but first, you’ll need to buy the right materials to make it all work….

Materials You Need

1. Decoupage Paper

The first thing you need is decoupage paper. You can’t just use ordinary paper as it wont stick and stay on your craft item for long. You also need paper that will stick to a variety of items, such as glass, wood or anything you please. Most paper you buy doesn’t have this special ability.

Decoupage paper is special. It  is some badass paper and tissue paper that will really get your decoupage projects started. It is a crucial element since it forms the basis of the art.

Select some paper that is captivating or that suits the theme you are going for. Even vintage designs, antique papers, scrapbook paper, stamps, maps, charts, cards are absolutely stunning to look at when they get all lacquered up. Indulge in buying from any of the below handpicked papers that guarantee your new art turns out to be eye-popping. These are my recommendations on the best quality paper that is used primarily for decoupage arts and crafts.

The only way to enhance the beauty of your new paper project is buy it’s paper. Hence, it’s time you invested in gorgeous designs that will leave jaws wide open. All of these are specifically made for decoupage. There is endless supplies available, these are just the most popular and best selling.

Tip: You can either buy sheets of paper, or cutouts separately or even buy sheets of paper and do your own cutouts. If you choose to buy sheets and cut out the items yourself, I would personally recommend that you buy a paper cutting machine to ensure accuracy of each cut, as these cutouts will be placed on your object as you want them to look smooth and not roughly cut via scissors.

To View All Decoupage Paper, Click Here

World Map Paper: Available Here

Idea Paper: Available Here

French Script Paper: Available Here

Botanical Birds Cutouts: Available Here

Botanical Floral Cutouts: Available Here

2. Glue

The next important thing you need is a glue to paste the selected cutout or sheets of paper. Now, glue is not something that you should make a rush decision on. Good decoupage art comes down to ensuring you are buying the best quality glue to ensure the paper sticks to the object for a long time.

When it comes to top-notch riveting glue, this best selling glue (see below) is the real deal. It is an all-in-one glue that is just perfect for your new art projects. It is a water-based, non-toxic sealer that facilitates quick drying. It will help you to lacquer up layers real quick.

  For this specific craft, no other glue works like this one does.

Mod-Podge-Glue-for-CraftsWhy this is the only Decoupage Glue you should buy:

Best Decoupage Glue

All in One Glue – Glue, Seal and Finish

Can Be Used on All Materials



Approved by Regulatory Standards

Quick Drying

Smooth Finish

Easy to Use

Dishwasher Safe

Can Be Used For a Smooth Finish or Textured Finish

For Best Price, Click Here

For More Production Information, Click Here

It’s Also Available In: Gloss Finish, Satin Finish & Glitter Finish, Click Here to View All



Other Materials Needed

Working on your new craft idea such as decoupage will require you to append some useful supplies aswell as some brushes as well. Everything you need has been jotted down below:


Tool Set: The hard roller is perfect for smoothing. It will help you to get rid of unwanted air bubbles trapped underneath your paper. With the aid warm water, you can clean the glue off it when not using it. Available Here


Foam Brush Sets: These foam brushes are a staple needed when doing decoupage. All they need is a little cleaning with warm water and they are ready to be used again. They are great for scrap-booking and card making. They vary in thickness depending on the size of your projects. There is two types available here: Colored or Wood


Brushes for Furniture: If you want to decoupage on wood or furniture, its advised that you purchase seperate brushes. There are the ones you will need here: Available Here


Mod Podge Applicator: If you have larger projects that don’t require little you to have attnetion to detail, this is a great mod podge applicator: Available Here


Workstation: Just like any craft project that you will endevor to master, it’s important to have a good craft workstation that not only provides enough space to create, but provides a way to store and organize all your craft tools and essentials neatly in one place. Check out our Top Picks of Craft Tables Here.

Here is a list of other decoupage supplies you will need:

Cutting Templates for Shapes & Alphabet: Click Here

Gloss: Click Here

Tool Kit: Click Here

Decoupage ‘How To’

Here are a few examples of how to do decoupage at home.




Decoupage Step by Step Instructions

Keep the object you are planning to start being creative with in your vicinity. You can pretty much use anything you wish to start doing decoupage to give it an artistic look.

Step 1: Clean up the surface of the item properly. Ensure it is dry before proceeding.

Step 2: Select your tissue paper that covers up easily.

Step 3: Use the glue (See Above) to stick the paper to your object.

Step 4: With the help of a brush (See Above) apply the glue on both the object and the paper.

Step 5: If you are planning to apply many cutouts, ensure you use the right brush with glue.

Step 6: Now stick them to the object one by one by making several cutout layers.

Step 7: Use the roller (See Above) to smooth everything out. Roll it in an outward direction.

Step 8: Remember to let the glue dry off before moving on with the next layer.

Step 9: Varnish your item properly. Give it 5-10 coats.

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