Artists Light Boxes and Light Pads

When I was an upcoming designer, finally pursuing my talents, I needed to find some tools to help me do my new found talent to my ‘perfectionist standards’ or at least to a level I could supplement and create the ideas I had.

Also in starting out my new love for designing, I found myself surrounded by a group of fellow art lovers who had their own studio. I soon found out that all my fellow artist friends had this product, crafters, photographers, designers, hobbyists, quilters and finally scrap bookers. They all had one and highly recommended I get one.

So here we have it, the best products you need, if you are in the market looking for one, it comes down to only a few that provide only the very best you are probably looking for, much like I was when I first started out.

Best Light Boxes and Light Pads

1. Huion (#1 Best Seller!)

huion-l4s-light-padThis product is an exceptional box at a very affordable price!

Key features include: It’s the thinnest box (5mm), it’s super lightweight (0.60kg) and it has a 12-by-8 inch work surface.

Tracing devices don’t come this beautifully designed and I have to say this impressed me, seeing as uglier versions are more clunky (not to mention, more expensive).

This is very user friendly; the light is easy to adjust to many specific brightness levels, it is easily portable so you can work from any random place where inspiration might hit you and its USB charging capabilities means you can charge it anywhere too.

At under $50, it’s an absolute steal (you can purchase it from here)

2. Artograph

Artograph-light-boxThis is an absolute pleasure to own. For such a beautifully designed piece it sure is resilient, having stood the test of time with me and still performing the way it did in the first few weeks when I first got it.

All my designs come to life with this one, every line I trace is very vivid and clear leaving me with beautiful designs.

Whenever you design something beautiful, you feel great about yourself and continue to produce more and more, which has increased the number of designs I make in a month.

Now the only thing I struggle with is a creative block that tends to lead to a series of bad uninspiring results, but becomes less and less likely when you have this product on hand.

NOW at under $50, it’s another absolute bargain (you can purchase it from here)

3. Dbmier

Dbmier-tracing-light-boxFor every fellow artist out there you can never go wrong by buying this lovely product (available here). I believe it’s the best on the market right now (but often overshadowed by the bigger names in the business as above), here’s why I think it should be #1.

First things first, the best thing about this product is that you can get it 3 different sizes – choose from A2, A3 or A4 size (something that you can’t get with any other brand and this in itself is a major thing!)

The lights last up to 50,000 hours continuous use and the it does not heat up whilst using – making it a pleasant experience to use for long hours at a time.

It has the largest variety of applications: Embossing, scrapbooking, 2D Animation, Calligraphy, Tattoo Transferring, Drawing, Sketching, Sewing projects, Quilting, Editing negatives, Stained Glass.

My fellow friends and I have been able to use this for a lot of different things such as scrapbooking, quilting, calligraphy, embossing, sketching and drawing all to the standards we like to achieve.

Its super thin and light so it is very easy to carry around and it doesn’t take space off a desk it is placed on. The brightness has honestly added a more vivid nature to my own sketching and all this at an incredibly low price.

4. Litup

lit-up-art-light-boxSome people like this brand (available here) due to the brightness control levels and it’s size, being an A3 in size.

It’s another one which has 50,000 hours of continuous use, it’s also might thin and portable ( 0.31 inch in thickness) and lightweight (1.65kg in weight).

This one has great battery life if you pay attention to how much energy is required to keep the brightness at your desired level and for all the hours you work on it. May people report not needing to keep taking breaks to charge it during their working hours or worry about using it while charging.

It is an amazingly thin and lightweight, the USB feature means you can charge it almost anywhere.

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