It’s a Colorful Life: Adult Coloring Books & Pages

Hi everyone, it’s time to get back to the basics of childhood!

So, pull out your coloring book, those crayons, markers or pencils and start working within the lines!

The stress of the world can take all of the color out of the journey of life yet something just as simple as a coloring books for us adults brings it right back. Who could have guessed that what was old is new again, in the form of the latest trend of these things, jump on the bandwagon today!

Read below for my recommendation on the Best Coloring Books for Adults

Last Updated February 2017

We Will Discuss:

Why is Adult Coloring So Popular?


What Can You USE The Completed Colored Pages For? [Upcycling]

How to Color In Like a Pro! Coloring Tips & Tricks

BONUS: What are the Best Adult Coloring Books?

BONUS: What are the Best Tools for Adult Coloring? [Pencils, Pens or Markers?]

Where Can You Find One?

Typically your eyes will see these in bookstores propped on a visibly prominent display, or featured regularly on shopping channels, as well as your local grocery store – but generally for exorbitant prices when bought in-store. Hence why I’ve chosen to buy all mine online, I will talk about how cheap I got them and where I purchased them so cheaply a little later on….

The latest craze in these features a positive rather seemingly simplistic concept in direct opposition to adult stress. This concept so creatively packaged that the pages boast some beautifully detailed artistic designs.

So whether with pencils, or crayons, you can make your mark. These books are artwork, some more intricate than others.

Adult-Coloring In Books & Pages


They provide a real answer to a life of challenge and busyness where the mind never has many opportunities to stop, relax, relate, and release.

But if your not a book kinda person, that is totally ok. You can find your addiction in free printable pages which you can source online so you don’t need to purchase a book if you don’t want to. Bear in mind that the quality may not be as good using this method, especially when you go to print them out, they tend to print out stretched and not very nicely. I will include some handy coloring in sites, once I come across one that is worthy of a mention…

Another downfall in coloring pages v coloring books is that books have actually been developed to relieve your stress and trigger certain brain functions for relaxing. By printing coloring pages, you are just coloring in what you want without exercising your brain the way coloring books do.

Color Your Heart Out

The images contained on every page of the highest rated and respected coloring books for adults (the ones I have discussed below), speak to an emotion and opinion. Generally, each image or collection of drawings is selected for not only a visual appeal, but to ensure that what the eye is drawn to provides you with stress relief.

After trying so many stress relieving activities; working out, listening to music, or watching a good movie there is something newly unique and special in placing your attention in a coloring book. The images within each page fit every person no matter where you come from, status, or career path you have since each share a common issue, and that is de-stressing.


The images contained in each book (the ones I’ve discussed below) above have been purposely selected to bring out imagination, focus, and engagement in what is a soothing and comforting experience of time and color. The white pages and black lines are an inviting canvas to truly get lost in. Releasing everything else and getting caught up in the moment of adding color to a page bring more than just relaxation and instead elicit a sense of centering and satisfaction. Once done, your new artwork can be displayed in a frame and enjoyed over and over again.


The color that signifies living, loving, and laughing cannot be very far or lacking from anyone with the fun and freedom that these offer. Whether it be via a book, page and sheet you can find a source of inner peace and relaxation anywhere and anytime.

Life brings tension, drama and moments of feeling overwhelmed and essentially ‘down’. Without color, life becomes routine, monotonous, and dull. Don’t accept a black and white life, add color! There are now no excuses, grab your crayons, pencils or markers and wave them high ready to begin.

It is truly a colorful life.

Coloring Inspiration






How to Color In; Coloring In Tips & Tricks For Adults

Here is some visual guidance to enable you to start coloring in your adult coloring book like a pro.


Not only is it important to use gradients, as shown above, but it’s important to learn about your colors. Use them on a blank piece of paper before beginning to shade.


Layering and shading in crucial for professional looking coloring in. Generally use the one color for the entire image is recommended and to advance to the next color slowly. Also don’t forget to use the white pencil to make your coloring in, pop!


Best Adult Coloring In Books

For those of you who want more of a book-style solution, these are the highest rated and best selling ones that are worth every single penny. Start with one and you will get addicted. Always check back here for the latest and new releases on the market!

Each of the highest rated and respected books below have been broken down into different categories.

Product Type Price
Product Details Stress Relieving Patterns

$8 – $25

On Sale Here

Product Details Garden and Flower

$9 – $30

On Sale Here

Product Details


Henna Inspired Flowers

Paisley Designs

$6 – $20

On Sale Here

Product Details Cats

$3 – $8

On Sale Here

To View All Coloring Books: Click Here

I can vouch for the #1 above as it is jam packed with page after page of inspiration and visual interest.

If you have hit an impasse and are having some issues focusing, why not pull out the book with patterns, lines, and details that hit every level from beginner to experienced.

Tools For Coloring In

So you’ve grabbed one of the coloring books above, or you know which one you will jump straight in to, but have you decided whether you are going to use pencils, pens or markers? For your information, crayons are not widely used by adults, but rather are left for kids instead.

Most people know about coloring books, but fail to take into account what type of coloring in they will enjoy doing. As you can see in the images above, coloring in pencils are by far, the most popular method of coloring in.

In saying this, we will today, give some hints on the best brands in markets and pens aswell. But first, let’s discuss, our favorite, coloring pencils.

Coloring Pencils

Coloring Pencils are the ‘classic’ and ‘traditional’ coloring in option and where most people start and stay using. The reason being is that they not only give you options for texturing, layering and using gradients, they grip onto the paper every slightly more, allowing you to relax your mind and soul whilst coloring – isn’t this the goal we are aiming for?

Why Use Coloring Pencils?


Easy to Work With

Great Shading Ability

Largest Array of Colors

Blending Ability

Shading Ability

Creates Depth

Creates Movement

Creates 3D Effects

Creates Movement

Tip: Don’t buy cheap pencils, they just wont do the same job. The cheapest you should go is the Crayola ones as below. You will get a scratchy finished product. Good quality coloring pencils are only slightly higher in price (maybe $10 more, so are totally worth it).

Why should you buy the best in coloring pencil brands below? Read on….


These coloring pencils are the best brand in coloring pencils for adults to color in with. They are a little more expensive than the Crayola ones below but they provide the best result and are the most beautiful to use. See below why they are loved by so many coloring in fans!

Best Selling Pencils for Adults


Premium Color

Available in: 29 pack, 48 pack, 72pack, 132 pack and 150 pack

Soft but Thick Cores

Perfect for Blending & Shading

Rich Pigments

Do No Crack

Do Not Chip

Best Coloring Pencils: Click Here








Yes they are quite ok also. For the price of only around $10, you are getting a large array of colors. Typically, most people think of Crayola being a kids brand and yes it did originate for kids coloring, but now us adults have joined in, we can equally use these colored pencils for our coloring in also. They are definitely a good buy. They don’t provide the beautiful smooth finished product that the above Prisma Colored Pencils do, but hey, if you don’t have that extra $10 to spend, these are equally a great option to use.

To Purchase: Click Here




Markers provide a different effect compared to pencils when coloring in. Markers provide an image that really pops off the page due to the heavy, dense, bold and intense colors and application they provide. You can get markers from thin to thick tip so cover all your coloring in needs, from delicate to large images.

Some people also like to use markers in combination with pencils above for their images.

The only downside with markers and why most people stay clear from them and prefer to use pencils instead is because of the ‘streaks’ that markers create. When you color in with markers, you will get streak lines. To avoid this, you will need to purchase higher quality markers that significantly streak less than cheap brands.

To Purchase: Click Here



Gel Pens

Gel pens are typically used only for small areas and specific detail when coloring in. As they have a fine tip, if you decide to use them for coloring in the entire image, it will take a while. Our tip is to only use them for tiny details. They are a great addition to have, especially when you want to give an image some extra glitter and shine!

To Purchase: Click Here


Upcycling Your Coloring Pages

Not quite sure what to do with your beautifully colored pages once you are done with them. Here are some great ways to remember your coloring and exhibit them to your family and friends.


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Wow! Thank you for sharing this really informative short article! Coloring is really a great meditation. It’s funny but it works. I have great passion for coloring since i was 12. I grow to be addicted to coloring this made me to see coloring in a different form. It has been an excellent way for me in relieving stress as well as it additionally helps me relax after a hectic day. I have this adult coloring book that you as well as your readers might desire to try, and get the best of coloring to help you relieve stress, realax and at the same time have fun!

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SUCH a big craze at the moment for adult coloring books, I purchased the one you suggested, got it delivered and started coloring at night time after work. SO relaxing.

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