5 SUPER Easy & Fun Craft Ideas for Kids

I’ve noticed all around the web that there are all super groovy craft recommendations for kids to do. I’ve clicked on a few articles, read through them and been like, what really? Is that idea really that practical for young kids? When craft ideas involve stitching, sewing and complicated steps which involves 100% of your undivided attention as a parent, I personally find that the craft idea becomes a parent’s next task to do instead of something kids are meant to enjoy producing and creating themselves.

In light of this, I have created a short, but very useful list of fun and easy craft ideas for kids, things that kids can actually do themselves and require minimal involvement from parents or guardians. You can look over them for assistance, but largely these arts and crafts ideas come solely down to the creativity and imagination of your kids entirely. For some other great craft ideas which are easy enough to involve the kids, you can read more here: Washi Tape Craft Ideas & Wine Cork Craft Ideas

Last Updated February 2017

We Will Discuss:

Easy Craft Ideas For Kids

What Materials You Need for Each Activity

Tips & Tricks to Make Each Activity Even BETTER!

Photo Inspiration for Each Craft Idea

DIY Kids Bowling

Why go and buy cheap plastic bowling kits for kids when you can make them yourself. All you need is some left over plastic bottles, some paint (choose whatever color you want) and a secondary color for some fancy bowling ball patterns as show below. Paint a tennis ball to complete the bowling look and your ready to go bowling! For a few final touches and tips, read on….

What Do You Need:

Child Safe Paint

Paint Brushes

Kids Smock

Plastic Bottles or Tins





Extra Tips:

Don’t forget keep the bottle caps and also color the bottle cap too!

To make them extra sturdy, add only a tiny bit of water to the bottles just to ensure the bottles don’t fall by themselves.

It only takes a little bit longer to make them more fancy.

DIY Bath Boats

Why go and buy bath toys for kids when you can get them involved in doing arts and crafts themselves; and they can make them their own? They are so easy and kids will love making and playing with their own creations! All you need is some handy kitchen sponges, duct tape (I’d recommend duct tape above all else if you want the boats to last, check out our duct tape tutorials here) and some other things that we’ve listed below to create the kids very own floating water craft! Don’t worry, it’s not boring duct tape that we think of, you can actually get really cool duct tape, see the link below for the awesome colors & designs available!

What Do You Need:

Kitchen Sponges

Paddle Pop Sticks or Colorful Straws

Duct Tape or Washi Tape




Extra Tips:

More Ideas: Duct Tape Craft Ideas

 More Ideas: Washi Tape Craft Ideas

DIY Kids Outdoor Water Wall

This DIY craft idea for kids is exceptionally handy and certainly required in the blazing hot summers. In summer, kids love the outdoors and they love playing with water. Why not create some fun (and cooling) outdoor ideas to get the kids involved and have some fun. There is no better way to keep them busy by making a simple water wall. All you need is some plastic bottles and water. An adult will be required with a drill and some screws to keep the bottles in place against your backyard fence. Alternatively, if you don’t want to use screws, do the arrangement on a fence with some rope and ties. Your kids will be responsible for creating their own water wall masterpiece – let their logic and imagination run free! This idea is for older children.


DIY Kids Bird Feeders

If your kids love birds or just animals in general, why not inspire them to make a little DIY bird home. All you need is a few items we’ve listed below and you are on your way to creating a new little home for your singing friends.Here are some great examples of birds happily inside their new DIY bird feeders, all made by kids of course!

What Do You Need:

Left Over Cans or Containers

Ribbon or Rope (For Hanging & Decoration)

Child Safe Glue

Child Safe Paint

Paint Brushes

Kids Smock

Don’t forget Bird Feed to place inside!



DIY Pasta Crafts For Kids

This kids craft idea can be equally useful for both girls and boys. It’s especially useful when it’s a cold, windy or rainy day and they are stuck inside. Sit them on the craft table inside and keep them occupied for hours with these craft ideas (another handy idea is paper making, cutting & scrap booking which we have discussed here). For girls, you can create hair bows, which not only is a good craft idea but hair accessories are needed for girls. For young boys, you can create a bow tie for their action man figure (or themselves of course!). Just a quick change of paint color and you can use them for a variety of purposes. All you need is some raw pasta (do not cook!) and a few other minor accessories which we’ve included below and you can let your children’s imaginations run wild on their creations. There is many different uses for them, get your kids thinking and they will be occupied for hours!

paint and glue or ribbons/accessories if you wish to glue them to anything you want.

What Do You Need:

Child Safe Glue

Child Safe Paint

Paint Brushes

Kids Smock


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