Decoupage Ideas & Decoupage Supplies

A Peek into the Majestic World of Decoupage There is beauty in everything. It is an artist’s privilege to seek it in inanimate things. So, if you have eyes of an artist and a knack for decorating, why not try découpage? What Is It Exactly? Decoupage is the art of embellishing objects with the aid […]


5 SUPER Easy & Fun Craft Ideas for Kids

I’ve noticed all around the web that there are all these super groovy craft recommendations for kids to do. I’ve clicked on a few articles, read through them and been like, what really? Is that craft really practical for young kids? When crafts involves stitching, sewing and complicated steps which involves 100% of you undivided […]


Duct Tape Craft Projects and Ideas

You must have come across the adage: “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”before. Whilst we spend huge amount of money in the search of the mind-boggling, we ignore the fact that beauty could lurk in the most trivial things. Puny stuff like even a duct tape can hold the fort for being a […]


Artists Light Boxes and Light Pads

When I was an upcoming designer, finally pursuing my talents, I needed to find some tools to help me do my new found talent to my ‘perfectionist standards’ or at least to a level I could supplement and create the ideas I had. Also in starting out my new love for designing, I found myself […]


Wine Cork Crafts

Not sure what to do with wine corks? In need of some crafty inspiration with some ideas? Although using the corks from the bottles is an adults game, you can still get your kids involved in arts and crafts projects at home with these easy crafty projects. Coasters are one of the simplest ways and […]